Halle on Love, Babies and Everlasting Beauty
April 28, 2006

From blowing kisses to the camera to kissing and telling about her love life, the gorgeous Halle Berry let her guard down as "Extra's" Tanika Ray joined her on the set of her upcoming commercial for Revlon's soft and smooth lip color.

While any woman can appreciate the sexiness of red-hot lips, Tanika found out what Halle personally finds sexy. "I find people that are honest, even if they're saying something I personally don't want to hear, I still find honesty really sexy," she revealed.

Halle's sit down marked the star's first interview since she started dating Versace model Gabriel Aubry, who along with Halle, is featured in People magazine's Most Beautiful People list.

The Oscar winner also dropped a baby bombshell. "I will adopt if it doesn't happen for me naturally," she admitted. "I will definitely adopt. And I probably will adopt even if it does happen naturally."

But don't count on the star to announce she's pregnant any time soon. "There are too many babies being born," she joked. "No, no, now's not the time."

Halle will storm into theaters next month starring in the new "X: Men" Movie. She also revealed an X-rated secret. When it comes to nudity, she has nothing to hide. "There are greater problems in this country besides a woman showing a t** now and then," she said.

So does Halle Berry always look this beautiful? The actress revealed if you caught her unexpectedly you may find her a little sacked. "You might find me with some peeled potatoes on my eyes," she revealed. "That's my surefire cure for puffy eyes."

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