Inside Tom's Spectacular 'M: I 3' Stunts
April 25, 2006

They are among the most spectacular and dangerous stunts movie audiences have ever seen, as a fearless Tom Cruise risks his life leaping off skyscrapers, hanging out of speeding cars and falling under tanker trucks in "Mission: Impossible III."

Tom Cruise came to "Extra" to reveal that performing his own daring stunts in the action-packed sequel took more than just guts. "It's yes, doing that stunt. But it's also for me, you've got to act," he said. "It's the prep of jumping off that building."

Despite the danger, famed director J.J. Abrams said the Hollywood superstar insisted on performing stunts over and over until they were perfect. "I've never met anyone more determined to make something better than Tom," Abrams confessed.

Even tough-guy co-star Ving Rhames admitted to "Extra" he was afraid for Tom's life. "Jumping off that roof, he did it about 10 times," Rhames said. "Each time you do it, it increases the chance of something happening."

In fact, Ving said he personally warned the new-dad to be careful. "He's a crazy white man," Ving joked, before noting, "He does 99.9 percent of his own stunts, and he will do them over and over again."

But Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays the villain, told "Extra" that all the blood, sweat and fears pay off big time on screen. "The action sequences are relentlessly amazing," he said. "You're halfway through the movie, and you're like, 'How can he top what he just showed me?' It's incredible all the way to the end."

Experience it for yourself when the long-awaited "Mission: Impossible III" explodes on the big screen May 5.

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