Charlie Sheen Responds to Denise Richards' Allegations
April 24, 2006

"Extra" was first to tell you about Denise Richards' shocking allegations of abuse and threats from ex, Charlie Sheen. Now, we've got an all-new bombshell.

Only "Extra" can reveal that Denise has been secretly dating the soon-to-be ex of Heather Locklear, Richie Sambora. Locklear was Sheen's former "Spin City" co-star, and she comforted Denise after the split.

Now, just days after Denise slammed Charlie in court, asking for a restraining order, Charlie is setting the record straight, answering the allegations that he threatened Denise's life and verbally abused her in front of their kids.

"It was horrifying," Sheen said of Richards' allegations. "I was shocked."

When asked if Denise has any reason to feel threatened by him, Charlie responded, "Absolutely not, 100 percent absolutely not."

Late Friday, Denise was granted a restraining order, banning Charlie from coming within 300 yards of her and their young daughters, except during supervised, once-a-week visits. "Extra" has learned that Denise has also hired her own private security.

"Why was I allowed any contact between her and the children over the past year?" Sheen asked. "If that's who I am, and that's who I am alleged to be?"

Sheen told "Extra" that when he learned about Denise's torpedo in court, it was a sucker punch. "It's the most vile action I have witnessed," he said. "Much less anything I have experienced personally. I just feel sad for my children."

Denise's legal salvo happened just one day before Charlie launched his new girls clothing line in Hollywood, called Sheen Kidz.

Now Charlie reveals why he thinks Denise asked for a restraining order. "This is about punishment," he said. "And it clearly illustrates the type of harassment, the type of psychological terrorism, the type of mind control I've been subjected to and have willfully chosen to keep private, because that was the deal."

The deal Charlie referred to is a confidentiality agreement that he and Denise had not to speak about their divorce proceedings.

So where is Denise as all this blows up? Only "Extra" spotted her out in public Sunday taking her daughter, Sam, to a Wiggles concert in Los Angeles.

Sheen told us he is only speaking out now because Denise started it. "I can't just stand by and be a whipping post," he said. "And hide behind a gag order advised by a council."

"One thing that you know about me and my character is that I have never claimed to be a saint," Sheen continued. "But I have also always dealt in the truth because the truth doesn't change."

Coming up Thursday on "Extra," how did a superstar couple who seemed to have it all wind up at war?

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