Nick Lachey Reveals Dreams of Being a Dad
April 21, 2006

It's a heartbroken Nick Lachey talking in depth for the first time about his failed marriage and second guessing his decision to document his life with Jessica Simpson on MTV's "Newlyweds."

"If I had never done the show and was still married," Nick said. "That would have been a worthwhile sacrifice for me."

Ever since the show wrapped its final season, Nick's life has been drastically different. "We had just finished shooting ‘Newlyweds,' and I was real happy to get back to my real job as a musical artist," Nick said of the show's culmination. "What I didn't know would happen was that along that road my marriage would end."

Nick's heart-wrenching interview is part of an MTV special, "Nick Lachey: What's Left of Me," airing Saturday. The special chronicles the release of Nick's new album and the rebuilding of his life.

Of his music go-around post Jessica, Nick said, "There was a lot of spotlights and a lot of heat that I felt on my personal life that I was afraid to be as open as I probably needed to be to make a great record."

Now with a new record, a new video and a new outlook, Nick said he's ready to start the next chapter of his life as a dad. "There's no doubt about it that I want kids," Nick confessed. "I can't think of a better day in my life than the day that happens. What matters to me is having a family and being a good person."

Unfortunately, it won't be with the woman he thought it would be. "When I got married, that was it for me," Nick said. "That was my life. I was in it for life."

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