Tom Cruise's Real Life 'Mission: Accomplished'
April 20, 2006

With choppers flying overhead, TV satellite trucks, reporters and a pack of paparazzi staking out the Cruise compound, Tom Cruise used his super secret spy skills to make a super private entrance post Baby Suri's birth.

How did TomKat manage to pull it off? First, Tom reportedly used three different black SUVs, two as decoys, to sneak Katie and their precious cargo back into the mansion from the hospital.

Second, Tom sent the decoys to fake locations to throw the shutterbugs off. "Tom pulled off the coup of the century," said Gary Morgan of the Splash News Agency. "He probably planned it like a precision military operation."

But now, Tom's "M:I 3" co-star, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has a message to the snap-happy paparazzi: back off! "I just hope they give Tom and Katie the time to be new parents," he said. "Give that little girl the space she needs to grow up and be a little girl."

Baby Suri Cruise is currently the talk of the town. Even Sir Elton John is talking Cruise baby talk.

The King of Music is scheduled to appear on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Monday, but Thursday he made a surprise walk-on appearance and joked, "I came in to baby-sit for Tom and Katie."

TomKat's little princess is guaranteed to have lots of love and everything money can buy, according to Kiri Blakely of Forbes magazine. "This baby stands to inherit well over $100 million," she revealed.

One Cruise family member who isn't so undercover by the paparazzi? Tom's proud mom, who gave camera crews the thumbs up after her visit to Camp Cruise.

While Tom and Katie celebrated the birth of their little one, Tom's other great production kept on rolling. "Extra's" Jon Kelley joined the cast of "Mission: Impossible III" to chat about the highly anticipated sequel, and we quickly found out why all the cast is in awe of the action hero.

"He's a crazy white man," joked Ving Rhames of stunt seeker Cruise. "Seriously, I said this to him; that's why I'm saying it on camera."

But something Rhames wasn't talking about on camera? Tom's new baby. After all, Ving has been the new dad's sidekick for all three "Missions." "When someone hires you, you have to learn when to speak and when not," he said.

Katie look-alike Michelle Monaghan gave thanks to Tom for his sweet and sexy co-star ways. How did she handle her role on the set? "It's a rough day at the office," she joked.

But not as rough as the action she witnessed first hand. "You see him do these stunts and he's such an athlete," Monaghan revealed. "He's fit as hell and it blows everybody away. We're going, 'Are you for real?'"

Maggie Q, the sexy new super agent on Tom's team, couldn't believe her first day on the "M:I 3" set. "Speeding down the river, with the Vatican in the background and Tom Cruise as your driver. Who has that?" she asked. "Who has that on the first day of work?"

The beautiful Keri Russell, who plays the protégé Tom risks his life to rescue, had a heart-stopping moment while filming one scary scene, revealing, "I just kept thinking, 'The cable guy isn't going to kill Tom Cruise. So, I'm not going to die. It should be fine.'"

Jump into the action when "Mission: Impossible 3" roars into theaters May 5.

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