The Deck Falls Short for 'Idol's' Ace
April 20, 2006

He was a heartbreaker from the very beginning with his dark brown hair and blue eyes. But on Wednesday, America watched as Ace folded.

"Extra's" Terri Seymour sat down with King of Mean Simon Cowell to see what he thought of how the cards fell.

"He had a good ride," Simon said. "He's lucky to have gotten this far. End of the road." And while Simon said Ace gave a charming performance, he noted, "Charming doesn't necessarily mean winning."

Ace's departure may not have been a shock, but it was a surprise for everyone to see Chris in the bottom three for the first time! Perhaps, Terri pointed out, the world prefers rocker Chris to his Wednesday performance of an all-American classic?

"Maybe he's not doing as well as you all thought," Simon said. "Maybe he's always been hovering around this part. I don't know."

One thing Simon does know? Kellie Pickler made a very smart move after Tuesday's singing catastrophe. "Where she was very smart, Kelly was, she admitted she got it wrong," Simon revealed. "She didn't do what so many contestant normally do, which is disagree with me. She was very, very smart."

Now that the competition is down to six, the "Idol" stage is burning up! We had to ask Simon if he still believes that Paris, Chris and Kellie will be the top three.

Simon was quick to reply, "Catherine, as I've said, has gotten better." However, "There are places to lose at this point."

And before we let Simon off the hook, Terri got to the bottom of all those other shockers about America's favorite judge. Is it true he spent $200,000 for food? "I don't think so," Simon said. "I think they've mixed up my food bill with Randy's."

And did Simon recently purchase J LO's palatial Los Angeles pad? "That's complete rubbish," he retorted.

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