Nick Lachey: 'I'd Marry Jessica Again, Even Now'
April 19, 2006

He's the most eligible bachelor on the planet, but behind all the smiles, newly single Nick Lachey is heartbroken.

Nick opened his wounds for Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Allison Glock, even revealing the moment Jessica asked for a divorce.

"He was in a car with Jessica," Glock revealed. "They had just finished dinner with friends, had a lovely time, and she told him she thought she wanted a divorce. He was completely blindsided by that."

So what ultimately caused the split? Choking back tears, Nick revealed their marriage slowly fell apart, frayed by "Newlyweds," career pressure and an overbearing family. But Nick stops short of blaming Jessica's dad, Joe.

"He doesn't blame anyone in fact," Glock told us. "But I don't think that anyone from the outside can deny that Joe was a contributing factor. I don't think it's any secret that Joe was not a huge fan of Nick's. Nick did not confirm or deny that. He would only say that he didn't know if Joe liked him."

Lachey also faced the infidelity rumors, telling Rolling Stone that he never asked Jessica to confirm or deny anything. "There were rumors about her and Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera and Adam Levine," Glock said. "And they just really didn't address it. Some may say that's denial. Nick calls it trust."

Lachey actually detailed a recent run-in with Levine, who reportedly told Nick nothing happened while he and Jessica were married. Nick told Rolling Stone, "He looked me in the eyes and said that so I choose to believe him."

As for the divorce itself, Nick said he talks to Jessica every few days, doesn't want alimony and just wants to understand why he couldn't make Jessica happy, which is something Jessica ominously echoed when we talked to her after their split.

"Everybody wants to be happy," she said. "And I do believe happiness is a choice you make for yourself. It's really simple actually."

But it hasn't been as simple for Nick, who added, "I still love her. It would be a lot easier to walk away if I didn't."

"Nick said he would marry Jessica again, even now after all of this," Glock revealed.

Nick's Rolling Stone interview hits shelves Friday.

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