Baby Suri Cruise Arrives with ‘Dark Hair and Blue Eyes'
April 19, 2006

Even before she was an hour old, news of Baby Suri Cruise stopped the globe. From the tube to the red carpet, Hollywood immediately began offering congrats to Tom and Katie.

"We've already sent some gifts to him," said Tom's good friend, Jamie Foxx. "We've already talked to him, one of the nicest guys in the world. It's just great to see him win."

"Extra" was supposed to see Tom Wednesday to talk about "Mission: Impossible III," but Wednesday morning, Cruise pulled the plug on all interviews so he could be with his new baby girl.

Tom's "M:I 3" co-star Michelle Monahan, who plays the actor's love interest in the film, was ready for her close up. "We've all been waiting for this baby," she said. "They must be grinning from ear to ear right now."

"Extra" got all-new details on the baby delivery breakdown. Despite buzz for weeks that the Cruise baby would be born at Tom's Beverly Hills estate, "Extra" has learned that Baby Suri was born at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica.

People magazine reports that Katie had an epidural. She was only in the hospital for 24 hours, and as Tom told us on the Shanghai set of "M:I 3," Daddy Cruise was on a mission by Katie's side.

"It's all about the mother and the baby and to be there to support them in the delivery," he said.

People magazine's Jess Cagle revealed that pulling off Katie's top-secret trip to the hospital was a stunt worthy of "Mission: Impossible." "They managed to get out of the house past the throngs of reporters and paparazzi outside," Cagle said. "And get back without ever being caught, so there was this very stealth mission."

The magazine also has the lowdown on what the superstar baby looks like. "Suri has dark hair; she has blue eyes," Cagle revealed.

And in a spectacular twist of fate, Brooke Shields also had her baby girl on Tuesday. Shields, who famously clashed with Tom over using antidepressants for post-partum blues, was reportedly just doors down from Katie in the same maternity wing.

We're told the Cruise clan is now back at home, as the paparazzi continue their round-the-clock stakeout to get the first shot of the most famous baby in the world!

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