Julia Takes Center Stage in ‘Three Days of Rain'
April 17, 2006

Julia Roberts has conquered the silver screen, and now she has her sights set on Broadway. This week marks her big debut in the play "Three Days of Rain."

Despite all the love and support from her husband, Danny Moder, and millions of adoring fans, the "Pretty Woman" is on pins and needles.

But Julia revealed to "Extra" that her hubby's words of encouragement will help her to stay cool, calm and collected when the curtain goes up. "He always sort of sends me off with a vote of confidence, which is greatly clung to and appreciated," Julia said.

Even though she's always been in the public eye, the Oscar winner admitted she's still nervous. She recently talked to Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America" about her stage fright. "I was so excited and not quite as knee-knockingly scared as I thought I would be," she confessed. "The thing that terrifies me the most is the idea, feeling, of walking off the stage and just going, ‘Who's that girl? What is she doing out there?'"

The theatre hasn't been a completely frightening experience for Julia. One of the perks she's found during her stage time is setting up play-dates for her twins with co-star Paul Rudd's children.

"Our kids have all played together," Julia revealed. "His boy is just one month older than my children, so it's a nice togetherness. My son loves his son."

"Three Days of Rain" opens Wednesday on Broadway.

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