Why Simon Cowell Says Ryan Seacrest Owes Him
April 14, 2006

The ongoing feud between Simon Cowell and "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest is reaching a boiling point, and Simon won't be the one to back down! Simon told "Extra" that the DJ would only be spinning records if he hadn't made Ryan the host of "Idol."

"He'd still be, 'Hi, it's Ryan Seacrest. It's 4:07 a.m. The sun is coming up, and here comes the Bee Gees,'" Simon said.

Judge Dread also thinks Ryan should share the wealth that bought him Kevin Costner's Hollywood home and a luxury Ashton Martin: "I think Ryan would be the first to admit that without me, he wouldn't be affording those things."

Ryan isn't the only one on Simon's I.O.U list. He also claims that Paula is in debt to him. "Paula through me, or mainly through me, has become interesting," he claimed. "You come to me as empty vessels, and I try to give you a personality, and luckily with Paula it worked."

Mr. Mean didn't stop there. He also gave his predictions for the remaining "Idol" hopefuls, none of which were optimistic. He particularly had a bone to pick with Taylor Hicks for his infamous stage theatrics.

"It's ungainly, all over the place. It's funny," Simon confessed. "I'm not disputing the guy can sing, but it's all a bit stupid."

Simon also made a grim prediction about resident heartthrob Ace Young: "I think his days are numbered."

Likewise, the future is dim for the beautiful and popular Katharine McPhee. "She's reaching a point where she's looking so perfect and sounding so perfect. Ironically, it can work against you," he revealed. "She won't win."

But Simon isn't completely pessimistic. His favorite to win is 17-year-old vocal powerhouse, Paris Bennett. "You gotta give the girl some credit. She's a tough little thing, isn't she?" he said.

Stay tuned to "American Idol" to see which six contestants will survive Simon's scathing criticisms, next week on FOX!

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