Tom Cruise Sets the Record Straight with Diane Sawyer
April 14, 2006

Tom Cruise took on all the tough questions from Diane Sawyer in an all-new interview on ABC's "Primetime."

The glowing daddy-to-be whisked Sawyer into the clouds in a P-51 fighter plane emblazoned with "Kiss Me Kate" on the nose. The plane is naturally named after the very pregnant Katie Holmes, who is ready to burst any day.

"I'm excited," Tom told Diane. "It seems unreal. It's really beautiful."

But not everything has been rosy for Tom and Katie. The happy couple has endured an avalanche of rumors about their relationship and the controversial Scientologist practice of a "silent birth."

"It's basically respecting the mother," Cruise said. "She does what she's got to do. If she needs medicine, if she needs an epidural, fine. She gets it. She can make noise. Why have others make noise?"

Tom also confirmed that the Catholic-raised Katie has become a full-fledged Scientologist and their child will not be baptized.

Tom admitted to knowing the baby's sex, but he kept his lips sealed, stating that is one secret his fiancée wants to keep. He does, however, already have a name picked out: "We were given a book and we opened it, and there it was."

The megastar even joked about the gossip surrounding his purchase of an ultra-sound machine so he and Katie could view sonograms in their home. "I've read the manual; you see the arms and legs moving," he said. "Yeah, from the sonograms I have attached to her 24 hours a day."

See Tom's entire tell-all interview, Friday night on "Primetime."

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