Brad's New Do and Tom's Daring Interview
April 13, 2006

Tom Cruise was in the hot seat as he sat down with Diane Sawyer for an exclusive, no holds barred interview that will have everyone talking!

"There are all these magazine covers saying you're splitting up," the news diva addressed. She even dared to ask if Tom is "saying Katie's father doesn't like this situation at all?"

You will have to watch and see what he says about that, but he did reveal what he will say to his newborn child come May. "How much I love this child. And just what a beautiful life you will have."

Cruise may be running in the high octane "Mission: Impossible 3," but he can't hide from Diane Sawyer this Friday on "Primetime."

Someone else who can't hide? Brad Pitt. Get ready for his shocking new look, as "Extra" unveils the very first pictures of Brangelina on their African getaway!

Taking a cue from son Maddox, Brad now has the same spiky Mohawk! We spotted Pitt playing baseball with Maddox, beachside in Namibia. Perhaps mommy Angelina Jolie influenced Brad's new do?

Pop star Kylie Minogue may not have a new hairdo, but she does have a true love story! The singer and her French hottie, Oliver Martinez, were snapped in Paris where he is currently helping her battle breast cancer.

Oliver recently took all-new pictures of a glowing and healthy looking Kylie that she just posted on her website.

Kylie's sister Dani told "Extra" that Oliver has been Kylie's rock. "He's so good for her," she said. "He makes her so happy; he's really been so supportive."

Another happy man is "Lost" star Josh Holloway. But wait until you hear what the hunk is saying in an all-new interview about fame and the temptations that come with it.

In an interview with Men's Health magazine, Josh said he realizes he can have any woman he wants. In a jaw-dropping admission, Josh even revealed he almost left his fiancée at the altar.

"Josh considered dumping his fiancé when his star began to rise," the magazine revealed. "There was a part of him that was wondering, ‘Do I cut and run, can I do better here?' But he did the right thing and now he's happily married."

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