The Ladies of 'Mission: Impossible III' Tell All
April 12, 2006

The latest installment of "Mission: Impossible" promises to be the hottest yet. Joining Tom for the third film are three stunning leading ladies that give the latest mission a feminine touch.

Actress Maggie Q and former "Felicity" star Keri Russell are part of the mission team, while Katie Holmes look-alike, Michelle Monaghan, plays Cruise's crush. But all three women have one thing in common: they admit to being smitten by Tom and his talent.

"He loves doing this, and he's so excited, then you're so excited," Keri said. It seems that Cruise's charm rubbed off on Maggie Q as well: "He makes sure people around him are really comfortable, and that does not happen all the time."

During this mission, Cruise's character Ethan might reveal a little bit of a softer side. "You kind of get to see Ethan in some dramatic and emotional moments, which I think is really appealing," Michelle said.

Tom had similar sentiments about his character's latest adventure, and maybe his gentle side was due in part to his glowing wife-to-be, Katie, who will be giving birth in just a few days. "When a spy cares about someone else the stakes are higher," Cruise explained. "The stakes are higher in this film than in any of them."

And who else would make a better villain, trying to tear Tom and Michelle apart, than recent Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

"I do think you're going to see this evil force coming to try and separate these two individuals who are very much in love," Hoffman revealed. "And I think that is going to make for a very different way of looking at this story."

Tom and his "Mission" ladies heat up theaters on May 5.

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