A Glimpse into the Private Life of Kim Basinger
April 12, 2006

It's the very private Kim Basinger on the record about her bitter custody battle, the nasty tabloid headlines, protecting her daughter and even plastic surgery.

So how does the gorgeous 52-year-old star feel about going under the knife? "You ought to do what makes you feel best," she said. "I'm not against anything. I hope to God you get a good surgeon!"

But aside from the laughs, the Oscar winner told "Extra" that Hollywood's obsession with beauty can be scary. "So much talk about plastic surgery and Botox and everything that is becomes," she said. "A frightmare. It's really is. A total frightmare."

Kim stars as America's first lady in the new political thriller "The Sentinel." But she fiercely protects her privacy outside the glare of Hollywood's unforgiving spotlight.

The sole thing she wants to protect? Her daughter: "The only one I want to protect from anything is my daughter." Kim said it's been hard to keep her daughter, Ireland, away from all the ugly headlines about her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Alec Baldwin.

"We talk very openly. We have a very close relationship," Kim said of her daughter. "I've said, ‘Ireland, you will see this stuff, hear it,' and I said, ‘We will discuss what bothers you.'"

The Academy Award winning actress said, "She loves being a mom." But her other love at the moment is her latest role. Kim revealed there's only one reason she took the part: co-star and "The Sentinel" producer, Michael Douglas.

"I knew it would be a good, good ride," Kim said. And the ride includes a red-hot love scene with Michael. So will she kiss and tell?

"They all ask me, ‘How was it to kiss Michael Douglas?'" Kim revealed, before admitting, "It was phenomenal. Yeah. But that's Catherine's department!"

Check out Kim as the first lady when "The Sentinel" opens April 21.

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