Sharing Secrets with a Celebrity Gossip Extraordinaire
April 11, 2006

Brangelina, Jen and Vince, Britney and K-Fed -- they are the hottest stories on the newsstands, and celebrity gossip guru Bonnie Fuller is the hands-on editor behind those headlines.

The editor extraordinaire is the woman who recently revamped the face of Star magazine to include "beaucoup breaking news." Breakup news that included the biggest get of all: "We were the first to break the news of the Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston breakup," Fuller revealed.

However, Bonnie said she's careful about crossing the line of privacy. She even chose not to run pictures of Britney Spears on her honeymoon. "They were obtained not through proper channels," she said. "We felt that that was crossing the line."

As for the biggest story currently on Bonnie's radar, it's all about bracing for the Brangelina bambino. "The photos, I would guess, will be at least a million dollars," she said.

But is there trouble in Brad and Angie's paradise? Fuller disclosed, "We hear that Brad is actually sleeping on the couch at the moment."

One couple who is far from troubles is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as they await their TomKat tot. "We have Tom and Katie very much together and very much planning a wedding for the July 4th weekend after the baby is born," Fuller revealed

Now, Fuller, a mother of four, is making headlines herself with her new book, "Joys of Much too Much… Go For the Big Life."

Big life, big stories, big family… it's just another full day for Bonnie Fuller.

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