Kiefer, Kim, Eva and Michael Team Up for 'The Sentinel'
April 7, 2006

What do you get when you combine Eva Longoria, Kim Basinger, Kiefer Sutherland and Michael Douglas? One great movie! "Extra" went behind the scenes on the set of the new film, "The Sentinel," for an action-packed sneak peek.

"The Sentinel" is high drama with Kiefer and Eva playing secret service agents. And Sutherland let us in on a secret about working with "Desperate" Eva, who turned into a gun-toting crime fighter for the role.

"This is an actor that will make you smile whether you want to or not," he admitted. "When you come to work, you keep laughing the whole way through."

This film also marks the first time Kiefer has shared the screen with Oscar winners Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger.

Douglas plays Sutherland's former partner, who is now under criminal investigation. And the smooth Mr. Sutherland revealed that he picked up a few pointers from the acting legend.

"For me to have an opportunity to work with someone like that, it's a fantastic learning experience," Kiefer said.

Like his hit show "24," Kiefer is in a race against the clock in the "The Sentinel." Only this time the goal is to stop a plot to assassin the president. But this character is nothing like Jack Bauer.

"He's really quite opposite," Sutherland told us. "He really plays by the book."

Catch Michael, Kim, Eva and Kiefer, when "The Sentinel" shoots its way into theaters on April 21.

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