'Idol' Insider: Simon Breaks the Code of Silence
April 7, 2006

She may have bid farewell to "American Idol," but Mandisa says you haven't heard the last of her yet.

The bold voiced "Idol" hopeful even got some good news from our Terri Seymour Friday morning. "Simon goes around the house singing that song," Seymour revealed.

Ultimately, it wasn't enough for America, and now Simon Cowell says it's time for a wakeup call on "American Idol." "I believe every single week you've got to treat it as if it's the finals," he said. "You've got to go out there and bring three minutes of magic and if you don't, you're out."

Simon and "Idol" Executive Producer Ken Warwick cut straight to the chase when Terri sat down with them in between auditions for their new NBC show, "America's Got Talent." The twosome even revealed two more secret "Idol" guest performers.

"Rod Stewart," Ken said. "Andrea Bocelli, we're trying to get. That should be interesting."

But Stewart and Bocelli will have to wait. Simon says he's just looking forward to next week when the "Idols" tackle the songs of Queen. "If you choose the right song, and you're clever with that song, it's all about having that moment," Cowell said. "There's a moment where you go, 'Oh my God.'"

And here's a little tidbit even Simon didn't know: one of the "Idols" will attempt to sing Queen's complex signature hit, "Bohemian Rhapsody."

"Well, I am dying to know who's going to sing that one," Simon said. "Because it will make you or break you."

And if it doesn't break them, don't expect Simon to sit back and let Ryan offer up excuses.

"Ryan said to you the other night it's not about the song, it's about what you sing," Terri said.

"That's like saying Ryan would be a success without 'American Idol,'" Simon shot back.

Watch for more stinging Simon when the "Idols" hit the stage, Tuesday night on FOX.

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