Teri Hatcher Breaks Down at News Conference
April 7, 2006

Behind Teri Hatcher's beautiful smile was the painful experience she had hid for 35 years, until she finally opened up to Vanity Fair about a childhood filled with sexual abuse.

Now Teri is bravely sharing her story in public for the first time. "So these experiences, which you'll excuse me," she said. "It's the first time I've kind of gone to this personal place for myself."

The dramatic scene came Thursday in Beverly Hills, when a news conference transformed into an emotional moment of revelation for the star.

"It's a choice to not remain silent and its a choice to raise our voices in a strong way," Teri said. "To say to perpetrators that we are not going to be silent anymore."

The stunning "Desperate Housewives" star, whose poignant words were translated into several languages at the press conference for the Women's World Forum, urged other victims to not blame themselves.

"They spend some of their lives feeling that the faults of things that have happened to them was something that they caused." Hatcher said.

Also stepping in for support was Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who stood by Teri's side as she emphasized the mission of the Women's World Forum. "To create a world with no violence against women and no discrimination," Teri said.

The organization, which honored Hatcher in 2005, announced that its global award show would be in New York this year. And you know Teri will be there, offering her own tale of empowerment.

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