Lindsay and Meryl: Hollywood's New Odd Couple
April 6, 2006

It's W Magazine's eye-popping photo shoot of two Hollywood legends in their own time!

"Who would have thought that Meryl Streep and Lindsay Lohan would be on the cover together," said W Editor Kevin West, who revealed to "Extra" that the intimate cover portrait was actually Lindsay's idea after the two starred together in "A Prairie Home Companion."

"Meryl kind of mothered her a bit," West revealed. "And Lindsay showed Meryl a great deal of respect and seemed so comfortable with her."

Inside the issue, expect a few shockers from the teen queen. Like a controversial photo of her smoking and Lindsay's admission that her estranged father recently tried to contact her. "She said she hopes that one day they might find a way to reconcile," West revealed. "But it's something she tries not to think about."

Lohan even revealed how bashful she was to meet the Material Girl herself earlier this year. West told us, "The first words out of her mouth were, ‘Oh my gosh, I love you! Can we be friends?' After which she was so embarrassed."

However, as a result of that incident, Lindsay and Madonna have "since become friends," West confided.

Now, Lindsay counts Oscar queen Meryl Streep as her newest friend, who not only shared some acting secrets but gave Lindsay boyfriend advice. "I learned so much from that movie," Lohan revealed, without giving away too much.

But someone else gave away her nickname. "When Lindsay walked in, Meryl's face brightened up and she said, ‘Hi Peanut,'" West revealed.

And on Wednesday night, the Hollywood legend revealed she is real Lindsay fan. "She's just remarkably talented and alive on camera," Meryl gushed about her co-star.

You can check out more from Hollywood's hottest odd couple when the new issue of W hits newsstands Friday.

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