'Ex-Wives Club' Dishes the Dirt on Hollywood's Ugliest Divorces
April 4, 2006

Marla Maples revealed that her divorce from The Donald left her so devastated, she couldn't even get up to go to auditions.

But she got through it, and so did fellow her "Ex-Wives Club" member Angie Everhart, who overcame the end of her brief marriage to Ashley Hamilton. "It's never easy when you have paparazzi running to your door and to your parents' doorsteps and chasing you down," Everhart said. "Trying to find the worst pictures of you."

Kevin Federline's ex, Shar Jackson, revealed that she and her ex are now friends. She even extended some marital advice to her old flame and his wife, Britney Spears.

"You made a promise," Shar said. "Stick to your promise. Everybody has ups and downs, get through it."

Shar won't be pulling any punches on the set of "The Ex Wives Club" either, as she helps dispense advice to couples on the rocks. "It's for anybody who's been through a recent breakup, separation, divorce," she explained.

You can see and hear lots more when "The Ex Wives Club" debuts this summer on ABC.

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