Jen's Friends Get Mad and Pam Anderson's New Lad!
April 4, 2006

Wonder what you get if combine Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, rumors of an $8 million wedding thrown by Oprah and a feisty Catherine Keener? Well, "Today" show correspondent Jill Rapaport got the answer Tuesday morning when she sat down with Aniston, Keener and Joan Cusack.

Rapaport got more than she bargained for from Aniston's good buddy and "Friends with Money" co-star Keener when she asked about Jen and Vince's rumored nuptials. "I thought you said you weren't going to go there," snapped Keener.

Rapaport quickly tried to cool things down by saying, "Well, you hear of an $8 million wedding, you'd like to be invited."

"Well, you won't be now," Keener said.

While Jen is surrounded and guarded closely by friends, Pam Anderson is stepping out with one of the fastest men on the planet.

The blonde bombshell is reportedly dating Formula One racer Eddie Irvine, and only "Extra" caught the lovebirds at her son's baseball game in Malibu.

The sexy starlet slowed things down over the weekend, going solo in Atlanta for Peach magazine's launch party.

Speaking of magazines, "24" star Kiefer Sutherland is gracing the cover of Rolling Stone's upcoming issue, opening up about former fiancÚ Julia Roberts and the moment she left him for his former best friend, Jason Patrick.

"Jason Patrick was Kiefer's best friend until the moment he left for Europe with Julia Roberts," revealed Rolling Stone's Jim Kaminsky. "They haven't spoken since."

For the entire dish, pick up Rolling Stone, on newsstands Wednesday.

And it looks like Lance Armstrong is getting back on his bike. Months after his breakup from superstar singer Sheryl Crow, Lance hit West Hollywood with a mystery woman on his arm.

Online entertainment website also spotted Armstrong, as the 7-time Tour de France champion piled into a vehicle with several companions Saturday night.

Also on the mend from a broken heart is Uma Thurman. Only she's not turning to a new man for solace. Officially, Uma and hotelier Andre Balazs are off, but unofficially is a different story.

The couple was spotted sneaking off for a romantic rendezvous in St. Bart's. The canoodling comes despite a recent announcement from Uma's people that the couple had called it quits.

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