The Truth about Clark's Condition
April 29, 2005

Millions of fans are praying tonight for music legend Dick Clark, just as "Extra" learns some more troubling news -- Clark will most likely not attend the Country Music Awards, which he executive produces, and he continues to cancel all public appearances.

Mario Lopez, who co-hosted "The Other Half" with Dick for two years, remains very close to the legend and is one of the few who have talked to Clark since his stroke. "He's a proud man and very strong willed," Lopez said. "He didn't want anyone to see him in the state he was in. It seemed like the same old Dick."

"Extra" has learned that America's favorite teenager is walking and talking, undergoing daily therapy and even doing business from home. "He hates to miss work," Lopez said. "And he hates to not be there because he's a very hands-on guy. It's just motivating him to get back quicker."

The 75-year-old music icon suffered a stroke in December and rarely leaves his Malibu home. Dr. Jorge Minor of Los Angeles' Good Samaritan Hospital is an expert on stroke recovery, who told us it may be quite some time until we see Dick Clark out and about again.

"His chances are actually pretty good of recovery," Minor said. "His stoke was an extensive stroke and would probably require an extensive rehabilitation program."

"He's a legend and a great man," Lopez observed. "He's going to be just fine. He could get through just about anything I'd say."

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