Exclusive: Tom and Katie's First Interview As a Couple
April 29, 2005

Fans and press from all over the world have congregated in Rome to get a glimpse of Hollywood's hottest new couple: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

The power couple showed up at the David D. Donatello Awards, where we also spotted Hilary Swank. But Tom couldn't stop gushing about his new love.

"It's like a dream," he admitted. "She's an extraordinary woman. You kind of go through life and it's beautiful and it's something I feel really happy that she's here tonight."

So is this an enamored Tom Cruise? "I'm more than enamored," he insisted. "She's an extraordinary woman."

And like a scene right out of a movie, the twosome even electrified the crowd with a kiss in front of the cameras.

But we found a little something about Katie that Tom didn't know. Her quote in Seventeen magazine, in which she said she once dreamed of marrying Tom Cruise.

So what was Tom's response? "I don't want to disappoint her!"

Don't worry Tom, we doubt that she'll be disappointed with this romantic holiday. In fact, only "Extra" was with Tom and Katie as they were surrounded by autograph-seeking fans Friday just after having lunch with the mayor of Rome.

And Thursday the couple had lunch with the president of Italy and then went on the Tom Cruise VIP tour. "We went on a private tour of the presidential palace," Tom revealed. "It was incredible. We went through the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel."

The canoodling couple won't say how much longer they plan to stay in Italy, but "Extra" has learned that they will be taking a temporary break. Katie is planning to stay and vacation with her mother after Tom goes home.

Right now, however, the two are inseparable. "Do you see the smile on my face?" Tom asked us.

So as they say in Italy, that's amore!

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