Tom and Katie's Surprising Romance
April 28, 2005

"Extra" first broke the story, and now it's generating worldwide headlines: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sharing a passionate week in Italy. Now, only "Extra" has the inside word on Hollywood's hottest new romance.

The lowdown: the couple has been dating for a few weeks. Katie traveled to Italy to support Tom, who is there to receive the Italian equivalent of an Oscar. And Thursday, Katie and Tom met the president of Italy.

And the "Extra" world exclusive continues Friday as our Jon Kelley jets to Rome for Tom and Katie's first interview together. How did they keep their romance a secret? Find out Friday!

So, except for the obvious, what attracted Tom to Katie? We asked him what he looks for in a woman at the "Collateral" premiere, and he responded, "Millions and millions of things come to mind, I don't think just one thing comes to mind when you see a lady."

Tom is 42 and Katie is a beautiful 26-year-old model-turned-actress and a true romantic who has carried a lifelong torch for Tom. In an interview last fall, she told Seventeen magazine: "I think every little girl dreams about [her wedding]. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise."

In fact, we found a long lost scene from Katie's hit TV show "Dawson's Creek," where her character is watching Tom Cruise in "Jerry McGuire."

But despite her lifelong crush on Tom, Holmes did get engaged to actor Chris Klein. The two broke things off in March.

As for Tom's past loves, we spotted Nicole Kidman leaving a trendy Los Angeles restaurant Thursday night. And coincidentally, Tom's ex-girlfriend PenČlope Cruz posed with Katie just last month at the New York premiere of "Don't Move."

It's going to be a big summer for Tom and Katie. He's got "War of the Worlds" coming out June 29th, while two weeks earlier, Katie is starring in "Batman Begins."

So with big movies on the way and a big romance blooming, it looks like this will be the summer of Tom and Katie.

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