Spring Break, 'O.C.' Style
April 27, 2005

Sun, skin and partying poolside -- it's just another hot spring break in "The OC." Except this time, the boys are trading in the gorgeous gals of Orange County for the hip hotties of Miami Beach, and Adam Brody, Benjamin McKenzie and guest star Jaime King gave us the grand tour of their Florida digs.

"Seth and Ryan come down to visit the nana," King explained.

Brody added, "It's about my grandma, and she's getting married, and so we came down here for that."

But with Seth and Ryan loose in South Beach, you know there's bound to be some mischief. "We're getting into a little bit of trouble," King admitted, hinting at one very sexy scene with both of the boys. "A little whipped cream bikinis, you know, all that fun stuff."

"She's wonderful, and I'm sure that scene will be very memorable," McKenzie added.

So, for a spring break you'll never forget, catch "The O.C." on Thursday night.

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