Paris Finds Love with Paris
April 25, 2005

She's about to steam up the big screen with a sizzling strip tease and steamy love scenes in "House of Wax," but when we caught up with the celebrated Paris Hilton, she confessed she's pretty hot and heavy with the latest man in her real love life: "Mr. Paris," Paris Latisis.

Jerry Penacoli: Has he seen this film?

Paris Hilton: Yes, he likes it. He just didn't like the kissing scenes. He gets jealous. But he loves me and I know I love him.

JP: Is it weird to have Paris and Paris?

PH: I like it. I think it's cool. He's Mr. Paris and I'm Miss Paris.

JP: And do you think Paris is the one?

PH: I'm not saying, but I do love him.

"House of Wax" also stars Elisha Cuthbert of TV's "24" and the newly-married Chad Michael Murray of "One Tree Hill." And Paris admitted that the movie role wasn't so simple.

PH: I forgot all my lines; I was like, "Omigod."

Paris also broke news about the upcoming "Simple Life 4," which will not include former friend Nicole Richie, but possibly Rod Stewart's daughter, Kimberly.

JP: Are you leaning toward her?

PH: I love Kim. I've known her my whole life, she's awesome.

JP: That seems like a maybe.

PH: We'll see. It's going to be hot.

Meanwhile, "House of Wax" producer Joel Silver, of "Die Hard" and "Matrix" fame, promised Paris will wow moviegoers in this remake. "I think she delivers," Silver insisted. "I don't think people will think that's Paris Hilton. She's playing this character in the movie and she's great in the movie."

And one more thing straight from the hotel heiress: "You can see me die if you see this movie."

Check Paris out for yourself when "House of Wax" opens May 6.

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