Kobe's Top Secret Ceremony
April 22, 2005

Rumors run rampant in Hollywood, and "Extra" is hard at work to set them straight. Here are your favorite stars and the truth about their recent headlines.

First up: his trial put their marriage to the test, but has NBA superstar Kobe Bryant re-committed himself to wife Vanessa?

Yes -- Kobe surprised Vanessa with a super-secret ceremony Thursday night in Laguna Beach, California. "Extra" has learned there were no guests at the intimate catered affair; just Kobe, Vanessa and a special spot on the beach.

Next rumor: is Donald Trump trash talking reality rivals Richard Branson and Mark Cuban?

Yes -- on Thursday night's "Apprentice," The Donald reminded everyone whose show is number one, saying, "Branson went after me, I killed him. Cuban went after me, I killed him."

And from TV competitors to TV partners, is the party over for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie?

Yes -- rumor has it that the girls were at Nicky Hilton's apartment to watch Paris on "Saturday Night Live" with a bunch of friends when suddenly that infamous Paris sex tape popped on the tube, allegedly a practical joke by Nicole. Nicole denies that caused the rift.

"I don't want to talk about it, I just hope she's happy and healthy," Paris said before she and rumored new "Simple Life" partner Kimberly Stewart hit a Pioneer Electronics bash.

And finally, is smoking hot "Housewife" Eva Longoria desperate to have Brad Pitt's baby?

No -- even though she was spotted sporting a shirt saying, "I'll have your baby, Brad."

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