Bill Clinton Spotted with Billionaire Blonde
April 21, 2005

She's been spotted all over town with former president Bill Clinton: a blonde bombshell, who resembles Hillary. Wednesday night, the mystery blonde was by Clinton's side once again at a New York BLT restaurant with Jack Nicholson and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Be sure to catch Thursday's "Extra" to see the pictures of Bill and Belinda that have everybody talking.

So who is the mystery woman? And what's she really doing with the former president? Only "Extra" has the answers.

New York Daily News columnist Ben Widdicombe told us the woman, Belinda Stronach, is a billionaire member of Canada's Conservative Party, and she's very possibly a future candidate for prime minister of Canada.

"She's blonde, she's ambitious and she's in politics, but she's not Bill Clinton's wife," Widdicombe said. "It's Belinda Stronach, his friend from Canada who's been visiting Bill in New York this week."

"She gives money to his pet projects and in return, he supports her projects, for instance, a children's hospital in Canada," Widdicombe revealed.

Stronach and her father donated money to Clinton's presidential library, and she nearly became an investor in his friend, JFK Jr.'s, George magazine, meeting with him just a week before his death.

And Belinda is no stranger to the limelight either. She's divorced from Olympic champion speed skater Johan Olaf Lass and currently has romantic ties to another politician: Canadian Brian MacKay. Still, there have been rumors of a romance between Belinda and Bill since they met five years ago at a charity event.

"Anytime Bill Clinton is seen with a beautiful blonde, there's going to be rumors," Widdicombe insisted. "But in this case, they really are just friends."

And there's more good news for Bill watchers too: his good behavior is carrying over to his diet. While Jack, Jerry and the rest of the party dined on steak at BLT Wednesday night, Bill feasted on a healthier meal of swordfish and white asparagus.

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