A TV Month to Remember
April 20, 2005

From monsters and murder to sex and secrets, it's time to buckle up for the all-important May ratings race. And because of season finales and hit shows saying farewell, it's going to be one wild ride.

Media Week's Marc Berman joined us to report on what we can expect on all our favorite shows:

"'Lost' will add a new character to the final three episodes," Berman revealed. "And they will have us hanging until the fall."

Berman also advised us to get ready for a lethal "Lost" finale, saying, "The monster is going to come back, so I wouldn't be surprised if more people die there too."

"American Idol"
"Lost" fans will have to choose, however, as the ABC hit show goes head to head with "American Idol's" blockbuster two-hour finale on May 25th.

"That's going to be the biggest night on television," Berman noted.

"Desperate Housewives"
It's sure to be a big night over on Wisteria Lane with talk of a pregnancy coming and a character being killed off, but Eva Longoria wasn't dishing any secrets. "I know what's happening with me, but I am not going to tell you," she insisted. Eva did give us something, though: "Yes, there's a death, I don't know whose."

So what will happen when Gabrielle learns she is pregnant? "That will be a good twist for next season, especially if she's not sure who the father is," Berman insisted.

David James Elliot and Catherine Bell filmed several endings for "JAG," as the series says goodbye after a 10-year run. "The producers will decide which version they want to use," Bell explained.

"Everybody Loves Raymond"
Ray Romano had this message for fans as his hit show runs off into reruns this May. "We wouldn't have done it without you," he said. "Thank you. I'm scared; I'm crying."

"ER" is still going strong after 11 years, but Noah Wyle is walking away with a big send off for Dr. Carter on the season finale. "It looks like he's going to move to Paris," Berman told us.

With the many TV farewells and cliffhangers to come, May promises to be a month to remember!

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