Paula Reveals 25 Years of Pain
April 20, 2005

Paula Abdul's somewhat-bizarre behavior on this season's "American Idol" has led to cruel speculation on message boards and in chat rooms across America. People have called Paula "spaced out" and described her as someone "on drugs."

But now, the sweet judge is courageously stepping forward in the upcoming issue of People magazine to talk about a painful 25-year health struggle that includes 12 surgeries and heavy medications.

The 42-year-old former dancer-turned-'80's-singing-sensation told People magazine that her debilitating chronic pain started with a cheerleading accident when she was 17, and after numerous doctors and treatments, she felt paralyzed and on some days, couldn't even get out of bed.

But Paula's career turned around when "American Idol" called and asked her to be a judge -- but even then, Paula told People she did the first season in intense pain.

So how could Abdul possibly be that perky in so much pain? Paula says she's found the right doctor and the right treatment and is no longer suffering.

Paula also vehemently denies having a drug problem, saying, "I'm not addicted to pills of any kind." She even revealed that she's started dancing again!

For now, the positive-thinking and perky Paula is finally happy and pain-free, and even told People she's ready for a relationship again.

You can read all about Paula's health confession in the new issue of People, which hits newsstands Friday.

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