A Lot Like Marriage for Demi and Ashton?
April 19, 2005

Love was in the air at Monday night's New York premiere of "A Lot Like Love," and "Extra's" Tanika Ray went straight to Ashton and Demi to get the truth on the wedding and pregnancy rumors.

But the couple refused to answer the burning questions. When Tanika said to Ashton, "You'll announce things when you want to announce things," he responded, "That's right, or I won't."

Demi did, however, allow her 27-year-old boyfriend to pose with his stunning co-star Amanda Peet for pictures. "I'm his movie girl," Peet insisted.

And Amanda had nothing but praise for her co-star, calling Ashton the next Cary Grant. "He has a sense of mischief, but at the same time he's a real gentleman."

But a modest Ashton insisted, "No, I'll just be me and hope that that's good enough."

So while we don't know what's next for Demi and Ashton, we do know that Ashton and Amanda hit theaters in "A Lot Like Love," on Friday.

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