'Idol' Insider: What's Next for Nadia? Plus, Simon's Early Days
April 18, 2005

Fans around the world were shocked last Wednesday when Ryan Seacrest announced "Idol" hopeful Nadia Tuner was voted out of the competition. Today, Nadia talked for the first time since leaving the hit show.

"Honestly, I am grateful for the opportunity that's been presented for me," she told us. "It has totally catapulted things that I wanted to do that I may not have had the opportunity."

Nadia was an early favorite in the competition, but Simon predicted she would go, telling her at one point, "That was an appalling choice of song, and I think you could go home after that."

That was some tough talk, but we caught America's Judge Dread showing off his softer side with some chatter about his early years.

"I went to boarding school when I was about 14," Simon revealed. "And I was so thick in school, so stupid, that I had to drop down a year."

In the exclusive interview, conducted poolside at Simon's Los Angeles home by IdolonFox.com, Simon confessed he wasn't too successful at his early job interviews either. "Another job, amazingly, involved me working as a law clerk in a criminal court, and halfway through, she threw me out," Simon revealed.

And during the interview, Simon also got grilled by his girlfriend and "Extra" correspondent, Terri Seymour. "I just want to know, has my cooking improved since you met me?" Terri asked.

"She is the William Hung of cookery," Cowell joked. "In other words, totally and utterly useless."

To see the entire interview, visit idolonfox.com.

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