Tom and Steven Go to 'War'
April 18, 2005

It's one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and "Extra" was on the top-secret set of "War of the Worlds," where Tom Cruise plays a dad trying to save his daughter, played by Dakota Fanning, from an alien invasion. (Don't miss the video version of this story to see the explosive, never-before-seen footage from the set.)

Legendary director Steven Spielberg says "War of the Worlds" takes his movie making into a whole new dimension. "'War of the Worlds' really is about our deepest fears and the concept of what happens when this planet is invaded," he revealed. "It's not one of my sweet, benign alien odysseys. It's the first time I've jumped directly in the center of a science fiction horror movie."

We spoke to 11-year-old Dakota Fanning when shooting was just wrapping up, and she told us she loved working with Tom Cruise, but admitted she had an even better time with his children. "Actually Conner came the other day," she told us. "I saw them, we did some things. We went to a play in New York. It was fun."

And we had to ask Dakota: can the movie be as good as the previews look? "You'll have to see it," she insisted. "It comes out pretty soon."

And you can see for yourself when "War of the Worlds" opens June 29th.

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