Reese Under Siege? Demi and Ashton's Wedding?
April 18, 2005

It's a day of extra-hot rumors in Hollywood, and "Extra's" on hand to get the truth behind the stories that have everybody talking.

Was Reese Witherspoon involved in a real-life horror story with the paparazzi, sparking a call to the police?

Yes -- the scary drama began this weekend when frenzied photographers cornered Reese as she tried to leave a Los Angeles gym. She found herself surrounded by paparazzi who were snapping so furiously that her personal trainer had to get her into her car.

George Rush broke the story for the New York Daily News and says the photographers used their cars to first box Reese in and then chase her through the streets of LA.

"She had fears that the driving of these cameramen was going to cut her off and probably cause an accident," Rush revealed.

A shaken Reese finally made it back to the gated community where she shares a home with husband Ryan Phillippe and their two children. She then had to be escorted through the gates by a security guard while photographers swarmed her car.

And the paparazzo pursuits continued just hours later, when Brad Pitt was mobbed by many of the same photographers at LAX as he ran to catch a plane to his new Moroccan film set.

Surprisingly, just last summer Reese told "Extra" she'd never had an incident with the paparazzi before. "You know, if that's the worst of my troubles then I'm doing pretty good," she said at the time. "You know, it's their job, that's what they do. I do my job, they do theirs."

Sources say rumors of a possible split with husband Ryan may have fueled the ferocious fight for Reese's pictures, but the couple says there's no breakup, and they're even planning a romantic getaway.

Meanwhile, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are still dodging pregnancy rumors, but is the famous duo planning a secret Las Vegas wedding?

Diane Sawyer lent us a hand on "Good Morning America," doing some rumor control. After Diane told Ashton she read about the wedding details in a magazine, Ashton responded, "That's your source? You can put that in your bathroom with the toilet paper."

What about the rumors that the couple is having a baby? "You can put that in your bathroom too, with the toilet paper," Ashton answered.

Next rumor: is Martha Stewart about to jump on the Howard Stern bandwagon?

Yes -- and we've got details. Martha just signed a four-year deal to launch a new radio channel on Sirius Satellite, and it is said to be worth $30 million to Stewart's company. She will be joining New York's number one shock jock Howard Stern on satellite.

"I don't know about you, but I was raised on the radio," Martha said during a press conference.

Finally, did Usher lose a bag worth $100,000 at Donald Trump's hotel?

While some reports say yes, we went right to the source to get the real answer, which was a big no. We're told by Trump's reps that the misplaced bag belonged to an Usher bodyguard, and it contained a suit and other items, which were worth considerably less than $100,000.

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