Could Tell-All End Hillary's Presidential Plans?
April 15, 2005

Senator Hillary Clinton is the early Democratic front-runner for the 2008 presidential race -- but an explosive new book could derail her capitol dreams.

"Extra's" own Gotham Gossip, Ben Widdicombe, columnist for The Daily News, gave us the inside word on the tome that could topple the contender.

"It's going to be all about what happened behind closed doors during the Monica Lewinsky scandal," Widdicombe revealed to us. "Although it's a political biography, it's also going to be very personal and, friends of Hillary believe, quite damaging."

Tentatively titled "The Truth About Hillary," the book reportedly deals with Hillary's sometimes-troubled marriage, and accuses Clinton of viciously attacking the women who accused her husband of sexual advances.

The book is due out in late summer, leaving the Clintons plenty of time for damage control.

As for Hillary, she just cut a soft and cuddly Public Service Announcement in which she uses Sesame Street characters to talk about healthy eating for children. Meanwhile, at a recent event, former president Clinton took time to present a warm picture of his family life, saying, "We try to really have the weekends together, so it's worked out all right. I'm proud of her. I think she's done a good job down there."

But after this book comes out, the American people will have to decide for themselves just how good of a job Hillary has done and whether she deserves a chance to take on the highest job in the land.

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