'Angry Apprentice' Has No Regrets
April 15, 2005

He was the "Apprentice" known for his angry outbursts -- not to mention his arrest in Tampa, Florida, last week after throwing a temper tantrum at a Casino -- and after he was fired on "The Apprentice" Thursday night, Chris Shelton lost it again, this time bursting into tears before an audience of millions.

The Donald had to console the heartbroken hothead, counseling Chris to watch his temper and drop his chewing tobacco habit.

Friday morning, the 22-year-old real estate developer gave "Extra" his side of the story.

"Who says I'm angry!?!" Chris joked, snapping a pencil.

Kidding aside, Chris told us he's not angry -- just passionate. "I don't regret anything I did on the show," he said. "Especially showing emotion in the boardroom. That's who I am."

As for his arrest, Chris is all about accountability. "I got myself in that situation, I should have never raised my voice," he admitted. "And I'm just moving past it."

But he did confess to one regret: chewing tobacco in front of kids while dressed up as a clown. "The clown costume and the chewing tobacco -- that may push me to quit," Chris laughed.

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