'Idol' Insider: Judges Not Surprised Nadia Nixed
April 14, 2005

Nadia Turner was considered a frontrunner early on in the "American Idol" competition, but her dream took a turn for the worse Wednesday night, as viewers voted her off.

Nadia's departure didn't come as a shock to Judge Randy Jackson who, in an "Idol" exclusive, told us: "I mean, it wasn't her best night. She chose a weird song that nobody knew."

It was a song by Crystal Gayle. Doesn't he remember her? With the long hair?

"Yeah, I remember," Randy replied. "But I'm perplexed by the song."

Meanwhile, Randy and Paula want "Idol" wannabes to know about their new DVD, called "Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson Present the Ultimate Voice Coach." The judges teamed up with celebrity voice coaches Ron Anderson and Gary Catona, who have worked with top artists like Usher, Axl Rose, Andrea Bocelli, Jennifer Lopez and many more.

"They have 250 number one records," Paula revealed. "I mean they're two of the best voice coaches ever. And you don't have three judges in front of you telling you what you're doing wrong."

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