The End of Nicole and Paris? Sharapova to Go Wisteria?
April 14, 2005

The rumors never stop swirling around the stars, but don't get taken in: we've got the truth about the tales that have tongues wagging today.

First off, it's true Brad Pitt can't even go to dinner without the paparazzi mobbing him, so is the soon-to-be "Mr. Smith" doing some Los Angeles hotel hopping to fake out the photogs?

No -- Brad was reportedly bouncing between the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles. Pitt's people won't disclose where he is currently staying, but we do know he has not yet moved into his new $9 million Malibu mansion.

Meanwhile, is tennis hottie Maria Sharapova taking her wicked backhand to Wisteria Lane?

Another no -- but she'd like to. Reports say the Russian tennis vixen was overheard at her 18th birthday party telling friends she was offered a guest spot on the show. But we got the real story from a source close to Sharapova who told us Maria was asked what TV shows she'd like to guest on, and she responded, "'24' and 'Desperate Housewives.'"

Here's a big one: are Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie breaking up?

Yes -- according to the New York Post. Reports claim Nicole is done with "The Simple Life" and is possibly headed to a reality show with her fiancÈ, or possibly to her own daytime talk show.

Meanwhile, we hear Paris may be hooking up with a twin for the next "Simple Life" -- an Olsen twin to be exact. FOX will not officially comment on the show or Nicole.

And from "The Simple Life" to the single life, is Nicole Kidman done with marriage?

Not at all -- as we got word directly from the star of "The Interpreter" in Berlin. "Yes, of course I would love to be married again," she responded. "Now I'm blushing. I don't know why I'm blushing."

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