Linda Dano: from Darkest Days to Finest Hour
April 13, 2005

Daytime diva Linda Dano is serving up some new soap dish, playing a woman behind bars for murder on "Guiding Light." But when Linda sat down with our Tanika Ray, the discussion got serious as the former "Another World" star opened up about her unbearable heartbreak of losing her husband of 21 years, Frank, and mother, Evelyn, within 10 days of each other last September.

The Emmy winner broke down as she told Tanika about Frank's courageous fight against fatal lung cancer. "He was so fantastic," Dano recalled tearfully. "I had nurses say to me, 'My God, I wish I could bottle that.'"

Since her two deeply personal losses seven months ago, Linda has been fighting an illness of her own: clinical depression.

"I just couldn't get out of bed easily," she revealed. "I didn't care about anything."

Now the recovering actress is spearheading a depression awareness campaign called Support Partners, which encourages a team approach to tackling the disease. Linda is dedicating her work to the memory of her husband.

"I have to make it count," she insisted. "I have to make his loss count for me and make it matter. I really believe this will be the finest thing I ever do."

Depression Hurts
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