Nikko Makes a Name for Himself
April 11, 2005

It was take two for "American Idol's" comeback kid, Nikko Smith, last Wednesday night, as the FOX show's viewers voted the "Idol" hopeful off for the second time.

"To be given a second chance was amazing," Smith insisted. "I just wanted to live it up and enjoy it while I was there."

Nikko was the fourth "Idol" finalist to be voted off the show, and the first male finalist to leave the competition. But Smith is just grateful to have made it that far. He originally did not make the final 12, and then received a second chance when Mario Vasquez mysteriously dropped out of the competition.

Smith certainly made a name for himself on "Idol," earning respect from all three judges. And he's also no longer just the son of baseball hall of famer Ozzie Smith.

Nikko shared his father's reaction to his son's sudden fame, only with "Extra:" "He called me a couple of days ago and said, 'You know what, man, I'm having a problem now, people are coming up to me and going, 'Hey I know you, you're Nikko's dad!'"

The remaining eight "Idol" finalists battle it out Tuesday night on FOX.

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