Does Nicole Want Another Baby on Board?
April 11, 2005

Oscar winner Nicole Kidman's got something to hide in her new suspense thriller "The Interpreter," and "Extra's" Dayna Devon sat down with the star to talk about her film, working with Sean Penn and her most passionate role: being a mom.

Kidman and Penn filmed "The Interpreter" inside the heavily-secured United Nation's building, and while Kidman admitted that it was a nightmare, famed director Sydney Pollack says the tight security gave the movie a feel for the real day-to-day drama at the UN.

NK: Even by the third month, it would still take about 15 minutes to get into the building, so that shows you the enormous amount of security. It was extremely difficult, but ultimately worth it.

DD: How was it working with Oscar winner Sean Penn?

NK: He's just magnificent. Most actors would say, "I would love to get the chance to work with Sean Penn," and I got the chance to do it.

Something else Nicole got the chance to do was set the record straight about having more children.

DD: Do you want more?

NK: Yeah, I would love to have another baby, I really would.

DD: I am pregnant right now actually.

NK: You are? How fantastic! Oh, my gosh, not many months though.

DD: Well almost half way.

NK: What? You're tiny! Now I can't stop looking at your tummy.

DD: Have any advice for me?

NK: You realize there are no rules. I think always err on the side of love.

Next up for Nicole is "Bewitched," where she teams up with Will Ferrell for a remake of the classic show. But for now, you can catch the star in "The Interpreter" in theaters on April 22nd.

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