How 'Boy Talk' Bonded Jen and Jane
April 11, 2005

It's a big-screen double feature starring two celebrated sex symbols from different generations, and the great Jane Fonda and the beautiful Jennifer Lopez shared some of their secret girl talk from behind the scenes of "Monster-in-Law," only with "Extra."

"We were talking about husbands," Fonda recalled. "And I said, 'I've had great husbands, but all the good jewelry I ever got, I got for myself.' And she said, 'Finally there is something I can teach you.'"

"So I bought her a watch with diamonds on it," Lopez added.

And during a stunningly candid moment, Jennifer talked about her own marriage and the irony that the love of her life ended up being one of her best friends. "It has to be that way," Lopez insisted. "You have to be friends. It is very important."

Jen also admitted to being quite star struck when she first met Jane. "She walked in and there she was in all her Jane Fonda glory," Lopez recalled. "I was like, 'Oh my God.'"

"Monster-in-Law" marks 67-year-old Fonda's first film since quitting Hollywood 15 years ago to marry, and divorce, tycoon Ted Turner. "Fifteen years ago I didn't like acting any more," Fonda admitted. "I was just miserable. I was not a happy person. I was kind of living in my head. And I said, 'I want to quit.' Then I met Ted Turner and I could quit."

So what changed to bring Fonda back to the big screen? "About a year ago or so I started realizing that I'm really different," Fonda revealed. "I wanted to see how that would manifest and if I could find joy in acting again. And this incredible character comes along."

"Monster-in-Law" is also the first movie Jen has shot since marrying Marc Anthony and taking her own leave of absence from Hollywood. But now she's back in full force with a big film and her new album, "Rebirth," which she says symbolizes a new Jennifer: "When I came back to do this album it felt very new. It's amazing what a little rest can do for you."

"Monster-in-Law" hits theaters May 13th.

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