Rosie Meets the Parents; Ellen Goes Latenight?
April 8, 2005

Rumors run rampant in Hollywood so "Extra" works hard to clear them up. From Rosie O'Donnell to Tatum O'Neal and Ellen DeGeneres, we've got the straight scoop on today's top tales.

Was everything rosy with the in-laws when Rosie O'Donnell met her partner, Kelli's, parents?

No -- According to Rosie, the dinner when she first met Kelli's parents was a little tense: "I said, 'I know you don't like that Kelli is gay. She is, you know I am, but we've actually fallen in love.'"

So what did mom say to that? "She said, 'Waiter, can we have more wine?'" Rosie related.

Rosie and Kelli sit down with Barbara Walters on Friday night's "20/20."

She's the center of international intrigue in her new film "The Interpreter," but now is Nicole Kidman being edged out as Australia's top-earning entertainer by four guys and Dorothy the Dinosaur?

Yes -- The Wiggles are now listed as Australia's richest entertainers. The children-friendly singing group earned $34.5 million last year. But Nicole is doing just fine -- she earned $30 million and didn't have to split it four ways.

Meanwhile, in New York, did Tatum O'Neal hit on a hottie of the same sex?

Yes -- the New York Post is reporting that the Oscar winner had a "few" drinks at Pop Burger in the Big Apple's meatpacking district before canoodling with a young, beautiful, mystery woman. They reportedly left together after Tatum managed to spill her drink on another customer.

Finally, Ted Koppel is leaving "Nightline" at the end of the year, but is the real news flash that Ellen DeGeneres may be dancing into Ted's anchor chair?

No -- Ellen's dance card is full with her hit daytime TV show, which on Monday, includes playing judge to Brittany Murphy. You can catch all the legal action, Monday on Ellen.

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