Jenna Bush's Dirty Dancing Scandal?
April 7, 2005

Some red hot rumors are making the rounds, and as tounges wag about everyone from Anna Nicole to Jenna Bush, "Extra" steps in to set the stories straight.

First off, Anna Nicole Smith may have slimmed down, but is she making a star turn as a reporter for the revamped National Enquirer?

Yes -- Anna confirmed it herself, saying, "I've got to let people learn me, and what better way than the Enquirer? Enquiring minds want to know.

Anna's already scribbling for the new look Enquirer, on newsstands now.

President Bush is in Rome paying his respects to the fallen pontiff, but is a scandalous new videotape of a first daughter about to rock the White House?

Yes -- according to published reports, a risquÈ videotape of Jenna Bush doing some dirty dancing at a New York City nightclub is being shopped around. The alleged tape was shot last week at a bachelorette party at NerveAna, a '90s retro dance club that features a replica of Monica Lewinsky's infamous blue dress.

Meanwhile, Maria Shriver has been called the most influential first lady in California's history, but does she leave terminating the laundry to Arnold?

Yes she does -- the truth came out when Oprah asked Maria who was stricter in the governor's mansion.

"I'm strict about going to mass on Sundays. I'm strict about manners," Maria replied. "He's strict about laundry. I go, 'Arnold, you're running a state, don't worry about the laundry.'"

Maria and her mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver sit down for their first in-depth interview together on Friday's "Oprah."

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