Simon's Super Group Skyrockets on the Charts
April 6, 2005

What do you get when you combine four fabulous voices and "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell? Meet Il Divo, the new super group that's taking the world, and Simon, by storm.

"These guys have an amazing voice," Cowell insisted. "It's really great voices for the masses, very simple."

Simon's fabulous foursome is from all around the world. Carlos is from Spain, Urs from Switzerland, Sebastian from France and David from Colorado. And together, they have already hit it big in Europe, debuting at number one on the charts in England.

So what exactly does "Divo" mean? "It means the male version of divine," Carlos explained.

And what makes these four so special? "Talent," Simon said simply. "Something I see very rarely nowadays on 'American Idol.'"

Not to mention that all four Il Divo singers just happen to be gorgeous. "Just luck of the draw," Cowell insisted.

Well, with rave reviews like that, it seems the guys don't have to worry about those brutal Cowell critiques.


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