Thousands Gather for Cochran's Funeral
April 6, 2005

Michael Jackson took a day off from his trial Wednesday to say goodbye to his close friend, Johnnie Cochran. And as expected, the arrival of the singer created a media rush.

But it seemed the man everyone wanted to talk to was O.J. Simpson, whose trial made Cochran a household name. "It's hard to figure L.A. without Johnnie," Simpson said. "Johnnie was able to bring out some truths and lead to my freedom."

But Tuesday night, "Extra" found a very different Simpson. The star was all smiles as he emerged from a trendy Los Angeles sushi restaurant with his older daughter, Arnelle.

Simpson flashed the peace sign, posed for pictures and shook hands with some fans. Of course, none of this would have been possible without Johnnie Cochran, who today was remembered for far more than just his brilliance in the courtroom.

"Johnnie didn't know how to lose and he almost always won," Reverend Jesse Jackson told us.

Stevie Wonder and Magic Johnson were among the other famous faces that joined the thousands who packed the church for the emotional service.

So today, the man who represented the rich and famous was also remembered for all the lives he touched away from the glare of the media.


Johnnie Cochran, 1937-2005
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