'Sahara' Premiere Brings Desert Heat to Hollywood
April 5, 2005

You know itís a special sort of Hollywood premiere when the filmís biggest star arrives with a camel. And PenČlope Cruz did just that at the red carpet ride of "Sahara," calling the four-legged friend her date for the evening.

Cruz and her real-life love Matthew McConaughey arrived separately to the premiere of the movie that sparked their off-screen love affair. And Matthew had something to say about his humped competition: "Sheís got a nice date, huh? I gotta do something man."

But McConaughey obviously did something for his throngs of fans, sending them into screaming fits as he passed by, while PenČlope canoodled with the well-trained baby camel.

On the screen, nothing compared to the action scenes with Matt and PenČlope doing their own stunts, jumping from galloping camels onto a moving train. "We were sore for a few days from that scene," Cruz recalled.

And from the desert to the desperate, "Extra" also went on "Desperate Housewives" rumor control, starting with Mike the plumber. Did James Denton purposely dis pop star Britney Spears, who apparently showed interest in popping up on the show? Published reports had Denton saying, "I can promise you that will never happen."

But Denton cleared up that rumor: "Britney, if you see this, I think you're extremely talented, I never said anything negative about you."

And did "Desperate" son Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Bree's sexually confused kid, leak any plot secrets to Internet websites? "Iím setting the record straight," Pyfrom revealed. "I didnít say that Iím experimenting, it was all a rumor."

And Felicity Huffmanís real-life, not-so-desperate husband Bill Macy, who co-stars in "Sahara," sets the story straight on all the reported trouble between the "Desperate" women, in light of the recent Vanity Fair article.

"She loves that show, she loves her job, she's as happy as a clam," Macy insisted.

You can catch "Sahara" when it heats up theaters this weekend, and catch an all-new episode of "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday night.


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