Everything's Coming Up Eva
April 5, 2005

Itís an Eva Longoria "Extra" exclusive, straight from an event near and dear to the actressís heart. Longoria was recently named spokesperson of Padres Contra el Cancer, or Parents Against Cancer, and the "Desperate Housewife" was thrilled to speak at the event.

"Walking out of here tonight, a young man I visited at the hospital told me he was cancer free," Longoria related to us. "And that is the greatest reward."

Only "Extra" was with Eva backstage for her big night, where we were able to dish about everything from dating to dieting, and even the much-talked-about Vanity Fair cover shoot that had Eva frustrated because -- believe it or not -- she thought she looked fat.

"We were hungry but we had to shoot and we hadn't eaten all day," she told us. "I had to suck my stomach in for five hours. That's why they put me in black. I need to work out!"

And from desperately frustrating shoots to the desperately entertaining "Housewives," Eva gave us the scoop on what she knows, or doesnít know, about her characterís future on the ABC hit. "The birth-control mix up hasn't been played out yet," she said. "But we are so in the dark; now in the scripts it says, ëmystery scene,í and then it has some scenes, then ëmystery scene.í"

But Eva will be getting a nice diversion come May when she begins shooting a movie with Michael Douglas called "The Sentinel." "Iím a secret service agent," Eva revealed. "And Iím in no lingerie, no bras and panties and no kissing scenes."

Meanwhile, Longoria cleared up one more rumor about her dating life. "I am not dating the world," she insisted.

Got it Eva, we just wonít mention that to JC Chasez, San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker or Butch Klein from "24."

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