Extra! Extra! Denzel Onstage; 'Bachelor' Charlie at Home
April 4, 2005

He's mastered the big screen, now superstar Denzel Washington is taking the stage, playing Brutus in a production of Julius Caesar.

"It feels great," Washington admitted. "The second straight play I did was Othello, so 28 years later, I'm tackling Shakespeare again, which is a great challenge and a great opportunity."

Beyoncé, Samuel L. Jackson, Jay-Z and Spike Lee were among the stars blown away by Denzel's performance.

Meanwhile, ABC's new "Bachelor," 29-year-old Charlie O'Connell, will narrow the field down to eight women Monday night, and he gave "Extra" an exclusive tour of the Bachelorette's pad.

"This is the girls' quarters," Charlie showed us. "And this is the kitchen, always my favorite room. Hopefully they won't fork each other in here."

The extravagant pad has five stories and modern furniture from Deseran. And if you like what you see, you're in luck, it's being listed by Sotheby's for a cool $12.65 million.

Finally, "Extra's" got the never-before-seen moments from Jennifer Garner's action-packed movie "Elektra," and a first look at the scene between Garner and real-life boyfriend Ben Affleck. You can check out the movie and all the lost scenes for yourself when it's released on DVD Tuesday.

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