Eva's Love for Stripping? 'Idol's' Rap Sheet?
April 1, 2005

The gossip is flying in the world of entertainment, and once again, "Extra" is here to set the record straight about your favorite stars.

Eva Longoria may lose her house on Sunday night's "Desperate Housewives," but it's what's inside her real life house that's stirring up some hot rumors. Is the "Housewife" hottie hiding a stripper pole in her bedroom?

No -- "Extra" was the only show backstage with Longoria Thursday night as she was honored by Padres Contra el Cancer, a group working to fight cancer. And Eva set the record straight: she will be emceeing a Pussy Cats Doll show, but Longoria told us, "The way some magazines have written it, it's like I have a newfound love for stripping and I installed a stripper pole in my new house. No, I haven't."

Now that Eva's cleared up the stripper pole rumors, let's answer another "Desperate Rumor:" does Britney Spears want to join the wicked women of Wisteria Lane?

Yes -- according to In Touch magazine, the pop princess is desperate to pop up on ABC's hit. But it may not be the show's prerogative -- James Denton, a.k.a. Mike the plumber, told the magazine, "I can promise you that will never happen."

It's actor Tom Sizemore's first big interview since being sentenced to 17 months in jail, but did he storm out on "Dateline?"

Yes -- on the tape, Sizemore is seen to say, "I'm not acting. I said f*** the press, f*** the press. I'm done," before storming off.

Sizemore later came back to finish the interview, which airs Friday night on "Dateline," and in which he wonders why people believed he beat his former girlfriend, Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. "I don't know why people would believe it," he insists. "I'm an actor. I pretend. I wear makeup for a living. I'm a sissy."

And finally, does "American Idol" hopeful Scott Savol have a record? One he doesn't want released?

Yes -- it turns out Savol pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct four years ago after being arrested for assaulting the mother of his child. "Idol's" producers said, "The situation did not warrant his disqualification."

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